Mac Lenters was born 1994 in Lindsay, Ontario. He spent the majority of his childhood in Northern Ontario, now living and working in Toronto, ON Canada. Mac received a Diploma in Visual and Digital Arts from Humber College in 2014. He is completing his Bachelor of Fine Art's degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in his final year. Born legally blind, Mac is a member of the CNIB and advocates for the visually impaired.  His focus includes painting, drawing and digital mediums. 


Lenters (1994) is an artist concerned with memory, technology and the natural environment. Evaluating these ideas through experiences and questions through painting..

How do we understand and perceive the natural environment in a technological age? Using digital tools, combined with painting, the work attempts to elaborate on an idea of memory proprioception.

The work is about an intimate relationship with nature and a fascination with it’s intricacies. Highly influenced by the polygonal shape language of the city and the digital realm. These opposing methods of making create an anfractuous environment. A space sitting between reality and abstraction, brought from the internal to external. A landscape of tension and shifting, but also nostalgia and warmth.